Merchant-Account-4-You: Helping You Accept Credit Cards Online

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Welcome to, where I will help you find the best way to accept credit cards online for your needs. Read through this website and I'm sure that you will get a good idea of what kind of credit card processing service is right for you.

The first thing you have to think about is the volume of transactions that you will most likely be processing per month. Should this amount be pretty low, you might want to look into getting a 3rd Party Merchant Account. They have somewhat more expensive rates than a normal merchant account, but you will not have any monthly fees, which means that overall, your costs should be lower using a 3rd party processing company, compared to getting your own merchant account. For more information, visit 3rd Party Processing section of this website.

Should your monthly billing be pretty high, you should look into getting your own merchant account. With increased billing, this will be the cheaper option, and it will also look more professional because you will be able to process the credit card directly on your website, and don't have to send your customers to a 3rd party website, so they can pay for their products or services.

The best payment gateway for accepting credit cards online I found is This payment gateway is compatible with most shopping carts available online, which is an important feature. The payment gateway is sold through merchant account providers, and not directly from These merchant account provider will also be responsible for the customer service you will receive when choosing them to purchase your payment gateway.

Because customer service can become highly important when purchasing a payment gateway and merchant account, I highly recommed you sign up for the service of E-OnlineData. Not only does E-OnlineData offer great customer support by phone or email, they also have many other nice features for merchants, including Gross Daily Settlement of your Visa and Mastercard sales.

But, in order to be approved for the E-OnlineData merchant account, you have to fullfil the following requirements:

1. Business located within the United States of America
2. US Federal Tax ID# (For Corporations)
3. U.S. Social Security Number of the principal signer
4. U.S. checking account and routing numbers
5. You must be 18 or older to be eligible to apply for an Internet Certified merchant account

Should you not be able to fullfil these requirements, we recommend you go with a 3rd Party Merchant Account, about which you can get more information by clicking here.

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